All About The Vines Supply Co | Skater Owned Store

All About The Vines Supply Co | Skater Owned Store

Have you ever seen an ad by The Vines or seen us mentioned in Skateboarders Companion and thought "who the f@*k are The Vines"? Well wonder no more mon amis as we give you the lowdown on how the company was started and where its at today...

The Vines was founded in 2014 by Paul Vale as an online only retailer. During his time working as a sales agent for C!rca skate footwear, Paul was visiting all of the best skate shops in the country. He noticed that most of the space on the shelves was filled with brands and product from the USA. With a knowledge of up and coming UK skate brands, he identified a gap in the market for a retail platform that catered to board sports enthusiasts by offering only British brands across skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and wakeboarding. With a deep-rooted love for skating and surfing, and a desire to create a community-driven brand, Paul set out on a journey to build The Vines into what it is today.

Prior to the webstore Paul was selling vintage skate and surf clothing with a brand initially known as TVSC (The Vintage Skate Company), and the idea going forward was to create a platform that exclusively showcased and promoted the best UK brands in the board sports industry. This allowed local brands to gain exposure further and connect with their target audience, while also offering customers a unique selection of board sports products that were not readily available in mainstream skate stores.

One of the key aspects that set TVSC apart was its commitment to quality and sustainability. Paul firmly believed that board sports enthusiasts deserved the best gear that could withstand the rigors of their chosen sport. Therefore, all the products that were initially offered by TVSC were carefully curated and handpicked to ensure that they meet the brand's high standards of quality and durability. From stylish apparel to functional accessories, each product was picked to enhance the overall experience of skaters, surfers and boarders UK wide.

In 2019, the shop evolved to a bricks and mortar retail store in Solihull and became knonw as The Vines Supply Co. The shop expanded its skate brand offering to include complimentary global skate brands, with an emphasis on European skateboard companies, such as Polar Skate Co, Helas, Magenta, Skateboard Cafe and Isle

In addition to offering premium skate goods, The Vines places a strong emphasis on building a skate community in the local area. We strive to foster a community-driven culture by organizing events, collaborations, and supporting local communities. They regularly host meet-ups, skate jams, video nights and competitions to bring like-minded individuals together and create a supportive environment for everyone to connect, share their passion for skating, and have a sick time.

One of the reasons why The Vines has gained a loyal following among skaters is its commitment to customer service. Paul and his team prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide an exceptional shopping experience for every customer with expert advice from a team of skaters who share the love for skating. They offer fast shipping, hassle-free returns

The Vines offers a diverse range of products for skateboarders of all ages and levels of experience. Their apparel collection includes high-end t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and accessories such as beanies, hats, and socks. They also offer a wide range of hardware and accessories, including backpacks, skate decks, wheels, trucks and bearings, as well as safety gear such as helmets and pads. All products are carefully selected to ensure that they meet the brand's standards of quality, style, and functionality.

Still skater owned and run today, and the only SOS skate shop in Solihull, The Vines is the hub of the local skate community. Drop by any time to see Paul & the team to discuss anything skateboard related!

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