We Got Vans! Mutha F*&%@n VANS MAAAANNNNN!!!!!

Vans Skate Shoes and Apparel | The Vines

When we opened the shop in 2019, we thought about all of the brands we'd like to stock. We knew we wanted to back brands that we would wear and ride ourselves and were 100% certain would make your skating experience better. Unfortunately, as a new shop you don't always have access to the brands you want and we ended up selling Straye 👀😂

Now we're a bit more established and the industry can see our hearts in the right place were able to access some of the bigger players and were ultra stoked to say we are now stocking Vans Skate footwear and apparel. 16 year old me would be so gassed its untrue.

A brand that really needs no introduction, its been entrenched into popular culture since being established in California in 1966. Vans' rugged construction and unique soles made them popular with skaters from the earliest days of skateboarding, if you've never seen Dogtown & Z-Boys, jump on it and tell me you dont wanna start rockin some navy Authentics and some flared Levi's. OG looks all day.

The enduring build quality, premium design and classic silhouettes seen in their shoes and apparel have deeply cemented Vans into skateboarding culture. By giving back to the skate community through events and building a world class team, Vans remains centred around the product where it all started - great shoes, on and off the skateboard.

We'll be carrying the Vans Skate collection in store and online, with the focus on skate specific shoes like Half-Cabs, Sk8-Hi's and Zions new pro shoe the Zahba. This will be complimented by Vans clothing and accessories across a range of product like tees, hoodies, shorts, backpacks and sunglasses

Get into store to check it out or click the link to shop online here

Peace & Love


P.S. make sure you check out the shop favourite Quasi colab shoes 🔥


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