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Skateboard GB: Elevating Skateboarding Culture in the UK

Skateboard GB, the national governing body for skateboarding, has been created to help the culture of skateboarding evolve in a positive and meaningful way. At the forefront of nurturing this culture, Skateboard GB, a dynamic entity that has been instrumental in shaping the skateboarding landscape in the United Kingdom. From coaching the next generation of skaters to organising some professional standard events and championships, Skateboard GB is the heartbeat of the UK skateboarding scene. Although we know that not everyone is in the scene to become a pro and compete on an international level, SGB is here for the competitive side and will bring a level of professionalism to the table.

Skateboard GB Coaching: Nurturing Talent and Passion

Skateboard GB's coaching programs are the bedrock of their commitment to fostering talent. With a team of experienced coaches, they offer structured sessions catering to skaters of all levels - from beginners eager to grasp the basics to seasoned riders aiming to perfect their craft. These coaching sessions are more than just learning tricks; they're about instilling discipline, confidence, and a deep love for skateboarding.

The coaching approach at Skate GB emphasizes safety, technique, and creativity. Each session focuses on skill development while ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all participants. The coaches, often professional skateboarders themselves, bring a wealth of experience and passion to every session, inspiring the next wave of skateboarders.

Skateboard GB Events: Bringing the Level of UK Competition to an International Standard

Throughout the year, Skateboard GB orchestrates electrifying events that bring together skateboarders from across the UK. From local contests to national showcases, these events serve as platforms for skaters to exhibit their skills, forge friendships, and revel in the spirit of the community.

The Skateboard GB events calendar is diverse, featuring street competitions, vert contests, and even workshops and exhibitions. These events not only entertain but also serve as avenues for talent scouting, uncovering hidden gems in the skateboarding world.

Skateboard GB Team: The Cream of the Crop

At the helm of Skateboard GB's prowess stand exceptional skaters whose names resonate across the UK skateboarding scene. Among them is Sky Brown, a prodigious talent known for her incredible skills and infectious enthusiasm. At a remarkably young age, Sky has not only claimed national titles but has also made history as the youngest UK athletes to medal in the Olympics, representing Team GB and achieving Bronze at Tokyo 2020 with her dazzling performances.

Joining Sky on the roster is Alex Decunha, revered for his technical finesse and creativity on the board. His remarkable consistency and innovative approach to tricks have earned him accolades both domestically and internationally, making him a standout figure in Skateboard GB's roster.

Additionally, Jordan Thackeray brings his unique style and passion for vert skateboarding to the team. With his fearless approach and an impressive array of aerial maneuvers, Jordan embodies the spirit of vert skating and serves as an inspiration to aspiring skaters across the country.

In the wake of the Tokyo Olympics, where skateboarding debuted as an official event, the GB Olympic skateboarding team showcased their skills on the global stage. Despite facing stiff competition, the team, comprising remarkable talents like Sky Brown, showcased exceptional performances, solidifying their presence and contributing to the sport's growing recognition on the Olympic platform.

Their participation not only elevated the status of skateboarding within the Olympic realm but also fueled enthusiasm among budding skaters, inspiring a new generation to pursue their skateboarding dreams.

The Skateboard GB team, including these exceptional athletes, embodies the spirit of innovation, sportsmanship, and dedication, continually pushing the boundaries and propelling the UK skateboarding scene to new heights.

Skate GB Pipeline Project: Future Stars

The Skateboard GB Pipeline Project is a visionary initiative aimed at identifying and nurturing young skateboarding talent. Through partnerships with local communities, schools, and skate parks, this project seeks to provide access and resources to aspiring skateboarders across the country. It's a pathway designed to support and guide promising individuals, paving the way for a vibrant future for UK skateboarding.

SGB Membership: Joining the Community

Becoming a member of Skateboard GB means more than just access to exclusive events and resources; it's about joining a thriving community passionate about skateboarding. Members enjoy perks like discounted event entry, access to coaching sessions, and a sense of belonging to a network that celebrates the essence of skate culture.


Skateboard GB Olympic Team

Skateboard GB Insurance: Prioritising Safety and Security

Skateboard GB understands the importance of safety in a sport that thrives on adrenaline. That's why they offer comprehensive insurance coverage to their members, ensuring peace of mind for skaters and their families. This insurance covers a spectrum of scenarios, from injuries during sanctioned events to liability protection for affiliated skate parks.

Skateboard GB National Championships: The Pinnacle of UK Comps

The pinnacle of the Skateboard GB calendar is undoubtedly the National Championships. This marquee event brings together the best skateboarders in the country to compete for top honours. The championships are a spectacle of skill and creativity, drawing crowds and media attention, further propelling the popularity of skateboarding across the UK.

Skateboard GB are essentially the government appointed body overseeing the professional competition format of skateboarding in the UK. From coaching and events to fostering future talent and ensuring the community's safety, Skateboard GB's influence resonates throughout the core of skateboarding culture in the UK. Undoubtedly, there will be heaps of people who maybe dont agree with this vision for skating and maybe dont even think it should be an Olympic sport. Heres where the beauty of skateboarding really comes from, it can be anything to anyone and each skater will have their own view of what it means to them. Each to their own, theres no wrong or right. Choose your own path and fuck the haters.

Peace & love



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