Is Kader Still on Adidas Skateboarding? The Saga Continues

Is Kader Still on Adidas Skateboarding? The Saga Continues

Kader Sylla, known for his mad skills on a skateboard, began his journey with Vans footwear, making waves in the skateboarding world. His style and talent caught the attention of the community, marking his start in the scene.

Moving on from Vans, Kader Sylla ventured onto Nike SB for a super short lived stint, where he continued to push the boundaries of his skateboarding prowess. His time with Nike SB further established his reputation as a remarkable talent, recognised for his innovative approach and unique flair on the board. However, his tenure with Nike was shorter than your average Premier League manager and he was soon on the move again.

Recently, Kader Sylla made a significant move to Adidas Skateboarding, signaling a new chapter in his skateboarding journey. This collaboration led to the creation of the Superstar ADV X Kader shoes, showcasing his distinctive style and adding to his influence in the skateboarding world.

Kader Sylla, an electrifying presence in the skateboarding scene, embodies innate talent, innovation, and an unwavering passion for the sport. Born on January 9, 2002, in the vibrant heart of Atlanta, Georgia, Kader discovered his fervor for skateboarding at an incredibly young age. His journey commenced when he first laid hands on a skateboard at just five years old, immediately captivated by the freedom and boundless creativity it offered.

From his humble beginnings refining his skills on the streets of Atlanta to his ascent in the competitive skateboarding arena, Kader's path has been marked by an unrelenting commitment to his craft. His distinctive style merges commanding, technical moves with an effortless flow, captivating audiences and fellow skateboarders alike.

Making waves with Vans and later solidifying his reputation during his tenure with Nike SB, Kader earned acclaim for his fearless approach and groundbreaking tricks that pushed the sport's boundaries.

Recent years have seen Kader embark on an exciting new chapter by parting ways with Baker and joining the burgeoning Violet Skateboards. This transition underscores his forward momentum, reflecting a fresh phase in his already illustrious journey. His collaboration with Violet Skateboards not only spotlights his exceptional boarding skills but also showcases his creative vision in designing signature skateboarding gear.

Beneath his exceptional feats on the board, Kader remains a humble and influential figure within the skateboarding community. His dedication to the sport and his ability to inspire a new wave of skateboarders globally continue to shape the ever-evolving world of skateboarding. As he persists in transcending boundaries and reshaping norms, Kader Sylla stands tall as an icon in the vibrant realm of skateboarding.


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