Helas Caps Winter 2023 Collection

Helas Caps Winter 2023 Collection | The Vines

Check the latest drop from from French skate homies Helas. The usual high quality mix of tees. hoods and accessories. One of our best selling brands here at The Vines, its a winner with customers and staff every single season. Heres a quick check of our favourite pieces from the holiday range for 2023...

Helas Flurry Fleece Quarter Zip Navy

Helas Mosa Crewneck Knit Multico

Helas Ultimax Sweat Pant Black

Helas Mosa Tee Black

Helas Balaclava Black

Hélas: The Ultimate Destination for Caps, Skate, and Style

Welcome to the vibrant world of Helas, where caps, skateboarding, and street style converge. This blog post is your ultimate guide to everything Hélas, from their iconic caps to their notable collaborations, including insights into the brand's rich history and what sets them apart in the world of skateboarding and fashion.

Helas Caps for Every Occasion

At the heart of Hélas lies an undeniable passion for headwear. Hélas caps are more than just an accessory; they're a statement of style, quality, and authenticity. From classic designs to bold and contemporary patterns, their cap collection offers something for every occasion. Whether you're hitting the skate park or simply strolling down the street, a Hélas cap is the perfect finishing touch to your look.

The Fusion of Hélas Skate and Street Style

Hélas doesn't just stop at caps; they've fully embraced the world of skateboarding. Hélas skateboards are a testament to the brand's commitment to the sport. These boards are designed for the street, ready to take on flips, grinds, and all the tricks that skaters throw at them. It's not just skateboarding; it's a lifestyle, and Hélas is at the forefront.

The Iconic Hélas Caps Logo

The Hélas Caps Umbrella logo is instantly recognizable. It's a mark of quality, style, and authenticity. This simple yet powerful logo has become a symbol of the brand's commitment to delivering top-notch products. Whether it's on a cap, skateboard, or apparel, the Hélas Caps logo stands as a mark of excellence in the world of skate and street fashion.

Collaborations that Define Style

Hélas is not just about creating their own unique style; they're also about collaborating with the best in the industry. Notable collabs with some of the biggest names in skateboarding have given birth to some of the most sought-after limited edition pieces. These collaborations are a testament to Hélas' influence and credibility in the skateboarding world. Check out the work they did with CLiche and Adidas Skateboarding.

Lucas Puig: The Face of Hélas

Lucas Puig, the French skateboarding sensation, has etched his name into the history of the sport with style, finesse, and a fearless approach to street skating. Born in Toulouse, France, in 1987, Puig's journey into skateboarding began in his early teens, and he quickly rose to prominence in the European skate scene. Lucas Puig is not only known for his remarkable skills on the board but also for his contributions to the skate industry. He is a team member of the iconic skate brand, Palace Skateboards, which has become a cornerstone of contemporary skate fashion. In addition to his involvement with Palace, Puig is the proud owner of Hélas, a brand that has left an indelible mark on the skate and streetwear world. Helas Caps, known for its exceptional headwear and skate-related apparel, embodies Puig's passion for both skate culture and style. Sponsored by adidas, Lucas Puig has showcased his prowess in countless skate videos and competitions. His favourite tricks, like the nollie backside flip, demonstrate his technical precision and innovation on the board. Lucas Puig is not only a formidable skater but a creative force shaping the future of skateboarding and fashion. With a blend of style, charisma, and innovation, he continues to influence and inspire skaters worldwide.

Hélas Skate Co: Beyond the Basics

Hélas is not just a streetwear brand; it's a skate co. They're deeply rooted in skateboarding subculture, making products that are born from a true understanding of what skaters need. Hélas products are a representation of the brand's commitment to the sport. These boards are built to endure the toughest of tricks and the harshest of terrains.

Helas T-Shirts and Hoodies

While Hélas is renowned for its caps, they've also expanded their range to include apparel. Hélas t-shirts and hoodies are an extension of the brand's style and commitment to quality. These pieces offer a comfortable and stylish way to represent the brand in your everyday life. From the skate park to the streets, Hélas has you covered.

The Hélas Difference: Quality and Authenticity

What sets Hélas apart in the world of skateboarding and street fashion is their unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity. Every product they create, whether it's a cap, skateboard, or t-shirt, is a testament to their dedication to delivering the best. They're not just a brand; they're a lifestyle and a community.


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