The Latest Skateboard Decks to Hit the Wall

Skateboard Decks

With Summer in full effect, decks are getting mashed up left, right and centre. A lot of freshies have been gripped since we've moved to our new shop in the past few weeks. We've been spoiled this week with a bunch of new decks this week.

Palace, London based, features Lucien Clarke, Danny Brady, Benny Fairfax, Chewy Cannon, Olly Todd, Shawn Powers, Charlie Young, Jamal Smith, Lucas Puig, Heitor da Silva and Kyle Wilson. Check out the new collection HERE

Polar Skate Co have also gave us some neat graphics, as they always do. They're from overseas, founded in Malmo and loved worldwide, Polar is one of the most respected skateboard companies in the world represented by top riders including Oskar Rozenberg, Hjalte Halberg, Shin Sanbongi and Dane Brady. Have a look our new range of polar decks HERE

Alltimers shipped us a few tees along with a trio of logo boards. Alltimers Skateboards, from the East Coast of the states has a very talented team, including, Zered Bassett and Alexis Sablone and Will Marshall. You can find their clean graphics on decks and tees HERE

Finally, coming in hot from London, we have new Isle decks and tee's. The teams full of UK legends such as Tom Knox, Nick Jensen and Casper Brooker, videos are awesome, as are the designs. Check out the Isle collection HERE

If your decks getting soggy, treat yourself!


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