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Go Skateboarding Day 2024

Go Skateboarding Day 2024 is Friday 21st June for 2024 - get it in your diaries early!

For all the local homies, heres the days schedule:

2pm - Meet at The Vines Skate Shop

3pm - Full crew roll down to TG Skate Park

3:15pm - Free skate and chill

4pm - Jam starts (beers, tricks and prizes)

Go Skateboarding Day 2024

Go Skateboarding Day 2024 is fast approaching, and the hype is building! This annual celebration, occurring every June 21st, unites skateboarders from around the world as they hit their local parks, streets, and skate shops. If you’re wondering “What is Go Skate Day?” or “When is Go Skate Day?”, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will provide all the essential details, including Go Skateboarding Day events, and we'll particularly highlight what’s happening for Go Skateboarding Day in and around Birmingham, Solihull and the West Midland for all the local homies. 

International Go Skateboarding Day 2024

First off, let's define the day. Go Skateboarding Day is a global event where skateboarders all come together to spredt the stoke for skating and promote the sport. Originating in 2004, the day not only celebrates the love of skateboarding but also aims to make skateboarding more accessible to everyone.

When is Go Skate Day?

Mark your calendars: Go Skateboarding Day always falls on June 21st. This date coincides with the summer solstice, offering the longest day of the year and plenty of daylight (and hopefully sunshine!) to skate.

Where is Go Skate Day Celebrated?

Go Skateboarding Day happens worldwide, with events occurring in cities both large and small. For those in the UK, especially around the Midlands, you might wonder specifically about “Go Skateboarding Day Birmingham.” Birmingham has always had a heavy skateboarding scene, and the day is celebrated each year, with growing movements making it bigger and better every year.

Go Skateboarding Day 2024

What is Go Skateboarding Day?

Go Skateboarding Day Events: What to Expect

Every year, Go Skateboarding Day events range from skate contests and demos to community gatherings and charity fundraisers. Skate shops, parks, and local communities pull out all the stops to ensure a fun-filled day for participants.

Highlights in Birmingham

For Go Skate Day 2024 in Birmingham and Solihull, expect heaps of sick shit going down. Local skate shops like ourselves and Ideal will run promotions and jams. These events not only support the local skate economy but also foster a sense of community among attendees, showing the newbies what its all about!

Nationwide Events

Across other cities and towns, similar events will take place. Whether you’re in London, Manchester, or a small town, there will be opportunities to get involved. Local skate shops are the best starting point to find out what’s happening near you.

Participating in Go Skateboarding Day

Joining in on the fun is easy! Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of Go Skateboarding Day 2024:

  • Check Local Listings : Search for “Go Skateboarding Day events near me” to see what’s happening in your area.
  • Visit Skate Shops : Local skate shops often have the scoop on community events and might even host their own.
  • Bring Friends : Whether they skate or not, bring the homies along to enjoy the day. It’s a sick way to introduce them to the skateboarding world.

Why Participate?

Why should you get involved in Go Skateboarding Day? The answer is simple. It’s a day to celebrate freedom and the art of skateboarding. The event encourages people to step outside, meet new friends, and enjoy the creativity and physical benefits of skateboarding.


Go Skateboarding Day 2024 promises to be an eventful day filled with fun, camaraderie, and skateboarding. Whether you’re attending Go Skateboarding Day Birmingham or celebrating locally, this day provides a perfect opportunity to embrace the skateboarding culture. Remember, it’s not just about skateboarding; it’s about community and enjoying the skate culture together. So, grab your board, join the events, or simply go out, push some wood, and enjoy the ride!

Paul Vale | 26th April 2024


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